Marimba Secret Gardens

Vilanculos Accommodation


Marimba Secret Gardens is located 18 km north of Vilanculos, Mozambique, in a remote bay, amid pristine nature and colourful gardens. We offer a peaceful and recreate atmosphere, where the culture and the beauty of Moçambique go along with your needs as an individual traveller. Marimba is built for you to have a time out, away from the everyday stressful business life and outside of noisy and hectic cities. It’s the combination of a clean and unspoilt environment with the simple but luxury way and the attention to detail, that make Marimba Secret Gardens a place for you to relax and spoil yourself with the beauty of pure nature, delicious food and drinks as well as several unforgettable activities.



The resort is constructed from indigenous materials, combined with modern elements.

All casitas are built on stilts, overlooking our colourful gardens. Each house consists of its own private veranda, protected by individual arranged tropical gardens. None of the houses have private bathrooms but are in good distance to the spacious and clean bath house. Our shared bath house consists of 3 bathrooms and 3 showers.

A pretty pathway of 200m – all on the same property – brings you to what feels like your very own private beach..
Its unique and comfortable design fits perfectly into our natural environment.





We have a restaurant on site, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately Marimba has no self-catering facilities available.

Beach-side Lunch

Have your lunch served to you down at the beach on request.



Part of being located in a remote area entails not having permanent power. We run on Solar panels which enable us to have lights and limited power so you are able to charge your devices and we can play music in the restaurant. We recommend bringing a torch with you for bathroom visits during the night.



Wifi is available at an additional cost in designated areas.



Laundry service available at a cost per load. Under normal conditions you will have it back the very same day. 



Every night we light a bonfire as the sun sets. Truly the best way to experience an African evening under the stars.





Day Trip to Bazaruto Island


Discover the breathtakingly beautiful Bazaruto Island and snorkel at Two Mile Reef.
Bazaruto Island is the largest of the four islands forming the Bazaruto Archipelago. 

Day Trip to Santa Carolina Island


Santa Carolina is the smallest of the 4 islands that form the Bazaruto Archipelago.
You will discover why it is also known as Paradise Island. It is a tiny tropical island, with the ruins of an old colonial hotel, which you will be able to explore and  see what gives the island its unique fascination.

Bush Walk


Now you will have to put on some walking shoes, as we take you on a walk from Marimba through small pathways in the bush to our neighbouring community of Chipongo or Macunhe. There is plenty of birdlife to see and delicious wild fruits to taste along the walk while passing through the local villages. This will introduce you into the Mozambican way of living.

Book Exchange


Visit our book exchange and spend your day lazing around in our hammocks while indulging in a good read.

Board Games


There is always time for some good fun, competition and laughs.

Red Dunes


Looking for something different in Vilanculos? Take a 4x4 trip out to  what is known as the Red Dunes to  capture some beautiful views of Vilanculos and a true African sunset.


We were supposed to stay there 3 days. But when you arrive at Marimba you just want to stay more.
One hour after arriving we asked to stay one more day.
And the day after we asked to stay another extra day, so 2 extra days!
When you arrive in Marimba you feel a such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that you just want to stay more!
Mike, Sam and their team are wonderful people fully dedicated to their guests and with a and will stay in our memories.
The restaurant is the best we did during our stay in Mozambique. You get great meals and for those who like seafood you can enjoy having every day a different fish depending on the catch of the day.
If you care about shared bathrooms just don’t care! They are very clean and it is just a detail you forget quickly when you are in such an idyllic place

~ Gaultier Sahy (2019)